Whether you have a query regarding your tenancy agreement or a maintenance issue (big or small) we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible where we promise to deal with any problems quickly and efficiently.

Alternatively, you may have a question to which we have already provided an answer for in the Frequently Asked Questions below.

Tel: 01978 757312

Email: rentals@wrexrent.com

Frequently Asked Questions

My smoke/ heat alarms are beeping; what can I do?

As a safety precaution WREXRENT asks that you do not remove the batteries unless you are able to replace them. If you are unable to replace them then please contact us and we can replace them for you. As a tenant it is your responsibility to check your smoke and heat alarms every 30 days to ensure they are in working order.

May I change my curtains within my property?

Permission must be sought from WREXRENT and will only be granted provided that any curtains are hung on the existing rails or poles and no further rails are installed.

May I change the blinds within my property?

Changes to blinds are not allowed as they will ultimately require some modification to the fixtures & fittings.

I would like to hang pictures; can I do this myself?

You are very welcome to hang pictures in your property - single hooks/ nails can be used for pictures up to 3kg in weight or 5kg for where two hooks/ nails are used.  We would advise that the maximum hangings per wall are two. Should you exceed this then you would pay for any repairs. If the items you wish to hang weigh more than 5kg we will supply you with guidelines for your reference. Alternatively, we can provide a quote for our maintenance team to hang items for you. Please take note that any drilling to the walls of your property is NOT permitted under the Terms of your Tenancy Agreement.

I want to decorate my home; how do I obtain permission?

Under the terms of your tenancy agreement, unfortunately you are not permitted to re-decorate your property without prior written permission from WREXRENT..

I need replacement light bulbs; do I have to pay and install these myself?

Under the terms of your tenancy agreement, it is your responsibility to replace and refit any bulbs. If for whatever reason you are unable to do so, please contact our office where we can assist you in supplying replacements for which there will be a charge.

When will I receive my inventory?

Your inventory report will be provided to you on the date that you move into the property, either in person or by post/ email.

What should I do if there are inventory amendments which require recording?

You will have 14 days to look over this and notify us of any additions/amendments you feel may be appropriate. If there are multiple additions or amendments, please do email us a bullet pointed list along with any supporting photographs and we will ensure a copy is saved on your file. Alternatively, please do input any additions when given the opportunity to do so on our online inventory portal. We would encourage you to keep a copy of your Inventory Report for your records.

I want to change my utility provider; am I free to do so?

Here at WREXRENT we ask that all tenants contact us if they wish to change their utility provider. This allows us to update our records.

How do I obtain meter readings?

Most electric and water meters are located in communal cupboards within your building (though some water meters are located within flat utility cupboards). The communal cupboards are not accessible to residents due to a number of health and safety constraints. If you would like a reading, please do contact us and we can organise a member of our maintenance team to confirm details of your most recent readings along with your serial number.

I have lost my keys, how do I obtain replacements and what are the costs involved?

Please contact WREXRENT for an updated key/fob price list.

May I keep pets in my property?

Unfortunately, this is against the terms of your tenancy agreement (aside from exceptional circumstances where prior written agreement has been sought from WREXRENT)..

Smoking is not permitted in any of our properties.

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